We are so excited to have your children with us at Ignite! Our staff is ready to help your child light the flame in their hearts and souls to create something truly beautiful. At Ignite, we will be working with children Kindergarten-2nd grade (Sparks), 3rd-5th grade (Embers), and 6th-8th grade (Flames). Click below to learn more!

Tuition Cost
Daily Fee: $10
Weekly fee: $40
Bi-Weekly: $80
Monthly fee: $160 w/ free T-shirt
T-Shirt fee: $15
Saturdays: No Charge

Roar lions roar! Our first production will be From Cub to King. At the end of the first 10 week session, you will see our students showcasing their amazing talent to create an legendary African safari.

"From Cub to King" Script


Scene 1
[Scene opens with the "Circle of Life" blacklight number. Animals exit halfway throughout]
[blue lights. Mufasa sleeping on the ground - Simba runs in]
Young Simba: [enters running in energetically]  Dad?  Dad!  Wake up! Come on, dad! Wake up! Don’t you remember? 
Mufasa: Five more minutes.
Young Simba: Dad! You promised! 
Mufasa: Okay. I’m up. I’m up. 
Young Simba: Hurry we are going to miss it 
[Mufasa stretches and follows an excited Young Simba to watch the sunrise.  Sunrise lights come up]
Young Simba: Wow
Mufasa: My son, take a good look at the light. Everything the light touches is a part of our kingdom. Just like the rise and fall of the sun, a king’s time as a ruler also rises and falls. One day, the sun will set on my time and rise with you as the new king. 
Young Simba: Everything? Wait, what about that dark place over there? 
Mufasa: You must never go there. If you look for the light, you can often find it. But if you seek the dark... that is all you will ever see. 
Young Simba: But I thought you said I was going to be the new king? Can’t a king do whatever he wants? 
Mufasa:  A good king does whatever is best for his kingdom.  There’s much more to being a king than doing whatever you want. 
[Zazu enters] 
Zazu: Sir, I’m here to give you this morning’s report. 
Mufasa: Go ahead. 
Zazu: Well sire, there’s a bit of a situation with the meerkats and the zebras.  One of the zebras tripped in a meerkat hole, and the meerkats are fine, but the zebra’s foot got stuck and-
[Young Nala rushes in & begins playing with Young Simba]
Young Nala: Tag, you’re it!
Young Simba: You can’t tag me! I’m the future king! 
Young Nala: Don’t let that go to your head. You’re still it! 
Mufasa: Zazu, I’ll handle the situation.  Why don’t you go with the kids and maybe take them to the watering hole? 
[Young Nala and Young Simba yelp in excitement and rush off]
Zazu: Yes sir.  Wait for me! 

[Lights fill - "I Just Can't Wait to be King" starts. 'Animals' come to life. Lead Simba, Nala, and Zazu singing, 'animals' dancing in the background.] 


Scene 2
[Blackout. Hyenas laughing in the dark as they get on stage. Green lights]
Benzai: *rubbing rear end in pain* "Gah, I hate lions!"
Shenzei: "And boy are they Uggggly!" *making faces*
Hyenas laughing
Scar: "Surely, we're not all that bad?"
Edd: *hyenas yelp in fear* "Ahh hahaha! It's just youuuuu.....We thought it was someone important."
Benzai: "Yeah! You're cool, or whatever ...we just hate the King. He is a royal pain in the butt."
Shenzie: "Even his name gives me chilllllls."
Ed: "But what are we supposed to do? *mockingly* Get rid of him?!"
[They laugh. Music for "Be Prepared"]
Scar: "Precisely."
[Green lights on stage. Hip hop class as hyenas dance]
Scar: Now off! ....To kill the king.

 [Laughter erupts. Blackout. Audio of Mufasa's fall plays - Simba's "no! Scars: "What have you done? Runaway and never return."]
Scene 3
[Pumba out on stage and singing to himself, petting an unconscious Simba]
Pumba: (singing) 'Caaaan you feel the looove tonight - Idon'tKnoooowTheWordsssss - something about a restless wondererrrr-'
Timon: *shaking his head staring at Pumba in disbelief* "Ummm.... Are you okay?"
Pumba: "Hmm? ...Oh yeah! I'm great!" *oblivious, still petting Simba*
Timon: "....Good for you then? ....So ugh, whatcha got there?"
Pumba: "I found a pretty kitty! ....I think he's dead though."
Timon: "Then why are you-.... Dude! It's a lion!"
Pumba: "Well he's dead, so of course he's layin'. Do you not listen to anything I say?!"
Simba: *Stirring* 
Timon: He's looking at me.
Pumba: [gasp] HE LIVES!!!
Simba: What's going on?!?! Who are you?
Pumba: You were dead and now you live...
Simba: What?
Timon: Just take it easy kid. My name is Ti...
Pumba:*Cough cough* Hey. Are we allowed to say our names? You know... *whispers* copyright
Timon: Ahhh... yeah yeah. You're right. Forgot about that.
Pumba: You ain't gotta worry about our names. Just know we're friends now
Simba: Really?
[Timon pulls Pumba off to the side]
Timon: Woah woah. We don't even know him
Pumba: Coooome on!
Timon: He is a lion. He'll eat us
Pumba: He's just a baby. Can we keep him? Pleeeease!
Timon: Guh! ....When we become his next meal it is your fault
Pumba: Great news kid you are one of us now!
Simba: Okay! What does that mean?
Timon: Well, first off you got to eat like us 
Simba: ...What do you eat?
[Pumba drags a log over]
Pumba: We eat bugs(opens the log) 
[Timon grabs a bug and eats it]
Timon: Yum
Simba: Ewww
Pumba: It is not that bad. Once you get used to it
[Pumba hands Simba a worm and he eats it]
Simba: Wow. It's really not that bad 
Timon: Now that we got that out of the way... Now! You have live like us
Simba: How do I do that? 
Timon: Hakuna Matata 
SImba: Hakuna Ma Whata?
Pumba: Ha-Ku-Na   Ma-Ta-Ta. It means no worries!
[Hakuna Matata plays// transition from Young Simba to Adult Simba]
Scene 4
 [Scar and hyaenas out, Nala walks proudly up to Scar]
Scar: Why have you returned so soon?! Shouldn't you be out finding food with the other lioness?
Nala: There is no food. You have wasted all our resources. You and your hyenas have destroyed the land. There is nothing left
Scar: No! You're just not looking hard enough!
Nala: It's over.... don't you get it?! We need to leave.
Scar: We're not going anywhere!
Nala: Then you sentence us all to death!
Scar: I am your queen and you not will undermind my authority
Nala: You are no queen. A queen rules with compassion
Shenzie: You will not talk to the QUEEN that way  *shove*
Scar: Why are you suffering for a king you once knew?
Nala: Because he is the true king!
Scar: Get out of my sight
Scene 5
[Simba and Timon are chillin']
Pumba: SHE'S GONE EAT ME!!! (trips and falls)
Timon: Who?
[Nala Jumps out and onto Pumba]
Pumba: *crying* HER.. this is the end! Goodbye cruel world! 
Simba: Wait! It's you! 
Nala: Oh my goodness! *hug* I thought you were dead
Pumba: God is that you????
Timon: Shh. They're having a moment
Simba: Look at you
Nala: You are all grown
Simba: How is the pride land?
Pumba: I'm okay! Thanks for asking
Timon: Shh. The moment 
Pumba: I am having one!
Nala: Darkness has taken over the land. There is no food left; we have had to hunt outside the borders. But everything's different now! You're alive!
Simba: [sadly] I can't go back. 
Nala: But why? How could you leave your people?
Simba: I have my reasons
Nala: What are you talking about? You're not making any sense.
Simba: Look! I'm just not fit to be King!
Nala: Why not?
Simba: I am the reason my father died!
Nala: That ....can't be true
Simba: He died saving me. If it wasn't for me he would still be here.
Nala: You can't think like that... [goes to grab Simba's shoulder]
Simba: [slides away] Just leave, you're better off without me.
[Simba runs off]
Nala: No! Come back!
Pumba: Give him some time. He'll be back 

Scene 6
Blue lights on stage. Adult Simba is alone on stage, sorrowful. Rafiki enters from the crowd, laughing, acting crazy, then sits down next to Simba. Simba shifts away uncomfortably. Rafiki scoots closer again, giggling.
Simba: (pushes Rafiki away) Crazy monkey! Leave me alone! Who are you anyway?!
Rafiki: (gets close to his face) The REAL question here is - who. are you!?
Simba: I .....I thought I knew. 
Rafiki: Haha, oh, I know! Come closer.....You're the king's boy...... goodbye.
Simba: (reaches for Rafiki) Wait! You knew my father?
Rafiki: (points at his nose) Correction! I Knooooow your father. He is Alive! Come! I'll show him to you! You follow ol' baboon! He knew da way!
[Jumps off the stage - running through the tables. "Hurry up! You gotta move faster dan that!" Simba chases after him] 
Simba: Wait! Slow down!
[The two land right back to where they were before. Rafiki sits down and Simba looks around confused]
Simba: What are you-
Rafiki: Shhhh..... Look down here.
Simba: (looks to where he's pointing, sighs heavily) That's not my father. That's just my reflection.
Rafiki: Noooo child..... Look harder. Don't you see? You can never run too far or do too much wrong. As long as you look down, and see HIM in your reflection - he will be with you always. He lives in you!
( ''He Lives in You" Plays)
Simba: I know what I must do (runs off)
Rafiki: Go my King **Possible say Go my child** 

Scene 7
Pumba: I'm worried about the kid
Nala: He is so selfish
[Simba runs in]
Simba: You're right. I need to go back.
Timon: What about us?
Simba: You can come back with me. I need all the help I can get.
Nala: What's the plan?
[They all huddle]
Pumba: WE HAVE TO DO WHAT?!?!?!

Scene 8
[The scene opens up on Scar, hyenas and the lions]
Scar: I have heard for so long that "Life is just not far" or that "I would never be queen". Now, look where I am. I am at the top... I am queen over all. The light and the dark. No one can stop me now!
[Timon and Pumba bust in with a tray of bugs]
Scar: Who are you?
Pumba: We're not allowed to say our names ...
Timon: We come with an offering! 
Shenzie: Are those bugs?
Pumba: Very observant I see. We heard that the pride rock was struggling to find food. Sooo we thought we would come and help out since we are neighbors and all. We would hate for you guys to become extinct.
Scar: I am done hearing all of this nonsense. Just eat them..
[Simba comes up from behind and attacks Scar]
Ed: Eat what?
Benzai: You idiot! The two dumbos in front of us!
Shenzie: You're the dumbos! Look behind you!
ED and Benzai: Oh 
Shenzie: Attack!!
[Big battle between Lions and Hyenas]

[Scar runs off and Simba stands in victory] (...We'll be adding more to this scene...)
Simba: I ran from my responsibilities as King. I just wanted to give up. I wanted to hide. I saw myself as a failure. I didn't think I could live up to my father's expectations. What I didn't realize is that he was always in me. He never gave up on me. I can't hide from the truth. He came to love the unloveable. He lives in all of us if we let him.  
["Spirit" Plays]
 The End 

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